Terms and Conditions

There are a set of rules that we are working with to make customer journey stress-free and assure our clients protection. Gatwick noble parking acts as a parking service agent for various service providers. After you have selected the parking service, you will be contracted directly with the chosen service provider and not with Gatwick Noble Parking. Our customers can select from many opportunities according to their needs and budget. Booking through Gatwick Noble Parking Suggests that you accept all terms and conditions presented by us. Each argument in this respect would be covered under British law in British Courts. You will be bound by the terms and conditions stated here and the individual car park or service terms when the booking number is provided to you. Please note: the following are our general booking terms and conditions for the respective product are available on request. Following are some general booking terms and conditions.

Meet & Greet/ Valet parking

The customers should ensure that they have the booking reference number, which they should keep during their travel. You must carry your Credit / Debit Card from where the booking was made. That will ensure that the airport car park process is completed smoothly and without hassle for you and the parking staff. Booking through Gatwick Noble Parking, the customer agrees to obey all the terms and conditions already mentioned. Parking service, which Gatwick Noble Parking offers, is done through agents if it is not explicitly stated otherwise. There will not be any obligation on Gatwick Noble Parking for a cash return; the information was not mentioned anywhere on the website.

The Conditions of Booking

The Gatwick Noble Parking works through contracting agencies. Several individual car parks whose services Gatwick Noble Parking compare, and specific terms and conditions should be followed entirely for these individual car parks. There are some details of particular terms and conditions which are given here. In case of any carelessness, that will be the full responsibility of the individual car park until the vehicle is at the car park or returned. Make sure that the vehicle has been inspected thoroughly. Any claim regarding the vehicle damage should be dealt with by the car park directly ( according to their terms and conditions). The company has every right to refuse or not fulfil a reservation. The booking may not ensure that you will acquire the guaranteed parking service as the company may cancel the booking if the service provider cannot fulfil the reservation. The car park has every right to refuse the reservation if they do not have a proper record of your booking or their staff is not being treated well. In such circumstances, the company will provide you with a refund but will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered. There will not be any liability of Gatwick Noble Parking in case of non-performance due to uncertainity like war, terrorism, natural, nuclear disaster, unnatural weather conditions etc.

Important Instructions and Process for Parking

Get the contact number of the company driver to ensure a smooth ride on Meet and Greet services. Make yourself familiar with all the information regarding the arrival process as mentioned in your booking voucher. The total liability of being aware of all the information mentioned in the voucher lies on the customer. Gatwick Noble Parking will not be responsible for any missed bookings. Please ensure that there are no essential things inside your car, and the only thing that should be left behind is the keys/codes required to move the vehicle around. In case of valuable items left inside the car at the owner risk. The car park company is not responsible for the loss of valuables. The car keys would be required to be left with the parking members unless it is mentioned otherwise. An important thing to notice is that the parking service is not accepting commercial and large vehicles. If you come up with an unsuitable vehicle, you will be charged for another parking space, i.e. the same amount already paid will be incurred and charged when checking in.


With Gatwick Noble Parking, we ensure that we put in the best efforts to deliver the best possible available deals. For that reason, we always lookout for good deals and discounts. We try to arrange some certain offers at various times of the year. There is a charge (booking fee) for each card transaction ( if applicable). If you cancel the booking, the payment will not be refunded. The prices may vary subject to the date, time, and stay duration. Specific surcharges are levied independently of the company and are not imposed by Gatwick Noble Parking. These charges are being charged by the driver/car parking company/Airport authority independently and bear no relevance to Meet and Greet parking. The two-way 24-hour transfers are inclusive of the price(unless specified). This transfer is from the car park to the airport. In the case of certain bookings at some car parks, a minimum stay applies. If you stay for fewer days, you will make full payment due for the minimum time of booking. If arriving late, extra charges will apply depending on the product chosen. For any amendments to dates, call us on 07840545068. Any support tickets which are generated after working hours will not be accepted.

Cancellations / Refunds

cancellations should be made through us. If you want the cancellation to be made, a ticket should be generated at the support desk section on our website, including the booking reference number. Some time limits need to be followed. No requests would be entertained after working hours. If there is a shorter stay than planned, there will be no refund. The refund notice should be given within 2 days of the cancellation. As to the prior notice periods, there would be an additional charge for cancellations. The customer responsibility is to ensure that they get the booking confirmation and all the procedure details before the travel date. No refund will be transferred if a customer misses their booking and has not reported in due time.


As the capacity of a service provider, there are many companies that Gatwick Noble Parking advertises. We try to put forward the low rate as much as possible during the entire year.

Amendment Policy

If any changes are required in the bookings, where a notice period is exceeding, there would be a charge applicable to the customer.


Gatwick Noble Parking may change the terms and conditions. The bookings that will proceed after that apply the new terms and conditions.